First Look – Book One Of My New Science Fiction Series!

Book one of my new science fiction series – Halloran’s War – is in production and book two underway!  I hope to launch the series in January with the first three titles.  I’m having a blast writing science fiction.

I’m getting excited to share the storyline with you but…not yet!  But, I CAN’T RESIST sharing the cover of book one:

The artwork for my series has been a collaboration with talented German artist Thomas Budach.  These covers are simply awesome! So much thanks to him for making my stories come alive.

Keep an eye out in November for more details on Halloran’s War.

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Subscriber Bonus Story – The Ghost of Tom Summers

Hi all, I just finished a new Chris Carter short story – an “Immortal War Series Snippet” entitled “The Ghost of Tom Summers.” It was a blast to write and fun to find myself sitting in the Konacup Coffee Shop once again, looking on as the residents of Julian parade through Chris’ life over a few days in October 2008. The story takes place during the time frame of “Swords of Flame” with no references to the events of Books Two or Three.

Mayor Bill Thomason has finally roped Chris into attending a Julian Town Council meeting, but he also wants the retired Army Sergeant to check out the old Summers place just over the hill from his own house, because he’s been hearing from residents about a “ghost” prowling around the still-unfixed home that Chris had a hand in blowing up! That evening, Chris and Officer Sarah Medina stop out to the Summers house to see what they can find.

As noted in the title of this post, “The Ghost of Tom Summers” is a bonus story for my reader community only – so if you want a copy, hop over and sign up now.  And enjoy!  I feel a few more “Snippets” coming on over the summer…

Immortal War Series Book Three is now available on pre-order for $2.99!

Very excited to bring to you the next adventure in the Immortal War Series of action fantasy.  In this tale we turn to the backstory of one Travis Moore – a perennial nineteen-year-old featured in “Swords of Flame” – book one of the series.  His journey of discovery spans the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is not without great loss and tragedy…

I’m looking forward to bringing this novel to you on February 28th – in the meantime you can reserve your copy at Amazon at any time this month for the reduced price of $2.99.

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The Babylon Revenge is almost here! Want to help?

This has been an exciting week working on final prep for the launch of book two in the Altan Series – The Babylon Revenge!  My expectation is to release it this coming weekend on Amazon… and even better, the first draft of book three is done!

If you’re a reader, I’m looking for some folks to read and review The Babylon Revenge once it goes live online for sale.  If you’re ready, please sign up here to join my online community of readers. Be sure to reply to my welcome email with your willingness to help with reviews.

Thanks so much to everybody for your wonderful support of my writing!

NaNoWriMo Project Underway!

Are you doing #NaNoWriMo?

Would love to hear about your project!Travis - An Altan Series Story

Here’s mine… almost 15,000 words as of today…

Travis: An Altan Series Story
Author: JR Geoghan
Genre: Fantasy
A prequel & origin story for one of the most endearing characters of the Altan Series of Christian Fantasy/Action novels!

Nineteen year-old Ohioan Travis Moore is a “citizen soldier” in 1863 who is captured during the bloody battle at Chickamauga Creek. Banished to a hell on earth called Andersonville Prison, Travis struggles to endure in the face of starvation, disease and a sadistic prison guard.

When events come to a head, Travis must face down his fear and instead embrace an uncertain future. From the lowlands of Georgia to the great plains of the old West, he will seek to find a way to avenge himself and those he left behind…even if it takes the rest of time.




The Babylon Revenge is days away

The Babylon Revenge by J.R. Geoghan

Very excited to be in the final editing and cover creation for Book Two in the saga of Chris Carter and his allies.  Here’s the book blurb:

The Babylon Revenge – Book Two of The Altan Series

Chris Carter is a combat-hardened veteran who’s battled his demons – both within and without. As he struggles to understand his true identity, destiny is far from done with him.

Governor Thomas Gage has ascended to the Presidency, but almost immediately things have gone very wrong. The Chief of Staff is calling for help, knowing that Carter’s special powers may be the only thing able to stop the evil plans unfolding in Washington.  But it might just be too late as powerful forces from the past seek to exact their revenge.

Now, he must face down his greatest enemy and overcome the gnawing doubts about who he really is…not to mention surviving to protect the people he’s grown to care about.

From the halls of power in the White House to the air over Israel, reuniting with old allies and making new ones, Carter must decide who to trust as he rushes to head off the unthinkable. He will need all the help he can get to outwit the ancient hatred bent on unleashing Hell on earth.

Music to Write By – Hybrid Orchestral Epic Music

In the last month or so, I’ve became more and more aware of a genre of digital music – “hybrid orchestral,” also called “epic music.”  This came out of my using movie soundtracks as background music for my writing times.  I wanted more than what was available, and began poking around YouTube.

There are many, many examples of this type of electronic music available on YouTube.  Hours and hours of it.  One of my personal favorite channels is Pandora Journey.

Most of the recordings are compilations from cinematic score composers who put together literally mountains of orchestral tracks for use in the gaming and movie/TV industries.  A great upcoming example is the Trailer 2 for the 2017 movie “Wonder Woman” featuring a great track “Catapult” by Position Music.

Other composers are looking to create a piece of electronic (hence the “hybrid”) orchestral music that has a message/story all it’s own, rather than something created for a movie studio to incorporate into a soundtrack.  The example above, Tales of the Forgotten “GRound Zero  is part of an outstanding hybrid orchestral trilogy of EP-length pieces, concluding with this also-excellent “Ep III: Devolution“.  Another favorite of mine is a composer known as Varien – love The Valkyrie Trilogy:

After awhile I do admit to growing weary of the genre, and will segue into worship music or my short list of all-time favorites such as Acoustic Alchemy.  But, these days orchestral tunes keep drawing me back every few weeks as I am pondering a new chapter of a character’s life…  Here’s another post I wrote about music to write by.  Enjoy!






Of Demons, Angels and Jesus – Why I Wrote My Book(s)

Approx AD1516 - Depiction of the judgement of the 200 angel "watchers" who left their position to rebel and take human wives - by Hieronymus Bosch

Approx AD1516 – Depiction of the judgement of the 200 angel “watchers” who left their position to rebel and take human wives – by Hieronymus Bosch

Do you believe that there’s a spiritual war going on?

As you can see, I’ve written one book – fiction – and am well on my way with book two in the Chris Carter Series – about a set of characters and a main character who’s an Iraq War vet who believes that his soul is too much of a mess to be redeemed.  When he gets sucked into an angel/demon conflict he discovers that these two types of beings are actually real.

Of course my books are fiction – I get to have some fun imagining new things and weaving them into my reality.  But it’s important to note that, before the books took off in my imagination, I spent time thinking about writing a book or two that explored what the Bible had to say about demons, angels and men.  Not to mention God himself and the trinity.  In the next few minutes I’d like to unpack just a little about what God’ Word says about these creatures and where we fit in…

Angels and demons are real.  We don’t need to make up a whole lot to find all the drama we need – it’s in the Bible!

Let’s look at Demons first.  From the Bible we know that:

  • Demons and angels once served the Lord together as one body
  • Satan elevated himself above God and many demons chose his side
  • There was a war and the demons lost.
  • They were cast down to the Earth and were still there in Old Testament times.
  • They assisted Satan in torturing Job.
  • In our common era… AD… Demons can and did inhabit the bodies of humans and animals
  • Demons caused distress, sometimes extreme within the humans they inhabited
    • Antisocial behavior
    • Violence
  • Demons recognized Jesus as being God himself, with authority over them. No ambiguity there
  • There is a place that they can be sent, in the power of God, and they fear it.
  • There is evidence that demons could not inhabit Christ-followers (acts)
  • Looking forward to the end of time, the Demons will follow Satan into battle once again and be defeated.

Now let’s turn to the Angels.  Rather than puffy little creatures strumming harps or helping baseball teams win the pennant, they are:

  • Warriors – they fought Satan’s army and won the battle
  • Messengers – appeared many, many times through both testaments. They are regular characters!
  • Influencers of human behavior – they actively protected Lot and his family and caused humans to go blind for a time.
  • Moving among us – they move into our physical realm and seemingly appear from nothing, giving directions as to Peter in prison or Gideon who was hiding out.
  • Existing in a spiritual plane that has a direct influence over the physical (ex. Elijah’s angel army of protection against the human army)
    • Story of the missionaries in New Guinea and the headhunters who saw the angels guarding the house

Characteristics of Angels

  • Convey the will of God – either verbally or with physical component (opening, removing something etc)
  • Carry God’s glory – they are often mistaken for God himself – blinding light, authority over the situation
  • Soulless – I would suggest that the angels are in wonder of us humans. They were around beforehand and they probably were amazed as anyone at the creation of the Earth and the two new creatures in the garden that was loving on so much…
    1. Paul says that the human soul, each one, is precious in God’s eyes. He brings the angels into it by stating that the things of human soul are “things angels long to look upon.”  Think about it – God created man in his image, for the purpose of fellowship with him.
    2. There’s no Biblical evidence that angels enjoy the same level of intimacy with God. Sometimes I wonder what the cherubim (form of angelic being) thought about Adam’s sin and having to forcibly keep them out of the garden…
  • They are in God’s presence – Angels may not have the same nature of creation and built-in intimacy with God, but that doesn’t stop them from surrounding the throne in heaven and proclaiming God’s glory. They are an integral part of God’s order and worship is, as it is for us, a priority for the angelic host.

So we see that demons are included with the fallen world that we live in.  They are fully capable of causing trouble, up to and including inhabiting people.  We also see, in the same space, Angels moving between heaven and earth doing God’s will among his chose people and the world at large.

But who is the centerpiece?  It’s Jesus Christ himself.

The Bible is abundantly clear that Jesus walked the Earth as God himself, and controlled demons in a direct fashion including removing them from inhabited humans.  He directed and empowered the disciples to cast them the out on their missionary journey, too.  When Jesus came into the world, angels were ecstatic!  And in many places in the history of the old testament, it is believed that Jesus came in the company of other angels to call judgement or even talk with humans. (Abraham and Sodom, for example).

Jesus died and rose from the grave.  He will return one day, with his angels as captain of the host – move over Michael and Gabriel!  He will ride on t a white horse and vanquish the enemies of god once and for all.

I want to go back and talk about the thing that everybody is warring over – your soul.  You do know that it’s a battleground, right?  I trust you know that.  It’s a thing of great beauty, precious in God’s sight.  He is jealous for your soul!  Yet, we were born outside of the relationship that God intended for us in the garden… our fellowship was broken by the entrance of sin.  And yes, I know that Satan himself was the engineer behind the first sin of Adam and Eve but in reality it was their decision, fateful as it was.

So today, Satan is still at work with his demon soldiers.  Their mission is to disrupt the church of Jesus Christ and break as many humans soul’s fellowship with God as possible.  In many ways, they are doing an effective job, aren’t they?  Today’s society is fragmented by the availability of so many distractions and time wasters…

But what about YOUR soul?  That’s really what I’m here for today – to ask you a simple question.  If you died tonight, do you know to whom your soul belongs to?  Was there a time when you consciously acknowledged your sin-filled nature and asked Jesus to wash you clean of it?  Have you declared your allegiance to Christ publicly by being baptized so that everyone – humans, demons, angels, Satan himself, could see it.

My dad, at times, said that he was “too bad to be saved.”  Do you believe that as well?  I modeled my main character after that – he has his reasons to think so, no doubt, but I surely hope that after the last few minutes together here that you are understanding that YOUR soul, whatever it’s damaged condition, is as precious to God as Adam’s was in the beginning.  Thank God for the second Adam, right?  That’s Jesus whom God brought into the world much the same way (miracle) and who forsook sin, getting it right for the right of us!  Please don’t fall for the lie that your sin has somehow taken God by surprise and that he’s going to cut you off.  He knew you before you were in the womb, people…

So, in conclusion, I hope you’ve picked up a better sense of who the players are in the realms of spiritual warfare, what their goals and characteristics are and why God, His son and let’s not forget the Holy Spirit, why God’s power and will trump all others in this battle.

Who will YOU this day choose???

I’d like to pray for you, if you don’t mind.

God, it’s my prayer for this reader, that they leave with the clear understanding of their worth to you.  You didn’t come, bleed and die for their fingers or toes, but for their souls which are eternal and of great worth to you.  We see in your word that there are principalities and powers moving around us, and that can seem pretty intimidating.  But, when you are for us, who can be against us, truly?  If we are fortunate to meet one of your angelic host, let us take the opportunity to join them in praising and glorifying you Lord, for only you are worthy of our praise!  If there is anyone here who thinks they are too far gone to be saved by your power and love, let them come down an speak to me or another of the folks in front.  If there is anyone here who hasn’t made the choice to take a stand, let them do so today, God.    Let each of us here know with assuredness that we are going to spend eternity with you, long after our physical bodies have been left behind.  Thank you for what you are doing and the wonderful things you will do in our lives… in Jesus’s strong name we pray, Amen