NEW! Call The Retreat – Halloran’s War Book Four

The die is cast. Treachery runs deep as the century-old war between humans and aliens boils over. Will one rogue time-transplanted Captain and his beleaguered crew tip the scales in favor of victory?

The war with the Prax is over, but will Halloran and his time-traveling crew need to step forward once again into the breach in the face of a new enemy? And will the shaky new governments on both sides survive the acid test of invasion?

The uneasy peace between humanity and the Praxxan Empire creates space for political maneuvering within the provisional Council on Coloran and housecleaning by the clan of Premier Krex. Shunted to one side after their pivotal role in concluding the century-long war, Captain Thomas Halloran and his crew settle into on their new ship while in orbit around a reviving Earth.

But when a new, powerful enemy of unknown galactic origin begins its march across the known star systems, both the human Fleet and the Prax are thrown into confusion in a desperate effort to stem the tide of defeats and retreats. All available resources must be thrown into the fray…and Halloran will get yet another war to fight in a time he didn’t choose to be in.

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