Binge Report: The Flash Season 2 In One Weekend

JR Geoghan Binge Report

So my overnighter session for last weekend was catching up with the Flash, Season 2.  I’d been avoiding it in favor of my other favorites iZombie and Agents of SHIELD this fall, but with everybody on hiatus I decided to binge out and blow through the nine episodes from the pre-holiday months.

I’ve had an off-on relationship with the Flash through Season 1, and was’t sure if I’d even continue it after being SO annoyed that nobody told Iris the whole season last year.  The weekly villians (Meta humans) were pretty good though, especially Captain Cold.   So I waded in.


Plot:  Season 2 served up some hefty twists with the whole Earth-2 thing.  Not only do we have a whole slate of “good guys” they now also have dopplegangers who may or may not be good in the multiverse Barry opened with the singularity.  It’s a mess, and we never knew who was going to pop up at any moment throughout the season.  (BTW how DID Jay Garrick just waltz into S.T.A.R. Labs, anyway?  No speed and Cisco’s new security).  I think the craziness has added a lot to the show – Season 1 was very predictable (Wells is the Reverse Flash, get on with it etc etc).

Characters:  The villains keep rolling in, and nuttier than ever.  Shark-man?  Some pretty cool ones IMHO, too.  Dr. Light was cool.  And of course Leonard Snart makes his return – yes.  The addition of Patty Spivot as Barry’s new squeeze is good – she’s fun to watch.  Of course, the show needed a new “don’t tell her” character as well. Sigh.   I think the Earth-2 Harrison Wells is good as well.  More loose cannons…

The Big Bad:  So this Zoom villain from Earth-2 is out to destroy all the competing speedsters – based on the multiverse theory he might have his work cut out for him.  As far as big bads go, he’s pretty intimidating – appearing at will in our universe and taking out Barry big-time in a late episode – and the whole series development is revolving around Zoom right now.  Who will he be out of costume?  Can anyone beat him?  From the trailers for the 2nd half of Season 2, it looks as if Barry will re-meet Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash on Earth-2) and maybe those two with take another shot at Zoom’s title of “Grandmaster Flash”.

Binge Report Summary:  Worth the watch.  Keep the Flash in your sights and catch-up if needed.


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