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novel charactersWhich one of your Chris Carter series characters can you most relate to?

Since this is the first book in the series, we are still learning about the core characters like Chris, Sarah, Travis and the Gages.  Some will step into the background as the series progresses and other,
new folks will enter the stage.  I think that the Chris Carter character is a bit of a composite of people I have known in my life, and certainly not a little about me.

Do you believe in cliffhangers for your characters?

I’m always in the middle; I like having the immediate story line wrap up by the the end of the book, movie or show.  But I also like when there is a bigger unresolved story that potentially looms over the characters.

Who is your favorite character in Swords of Flame?

I like them all, of course!  Even the bad guys, because they are all important to my story…  If I had to pick one who makes me smile the most, it’d be Sarah Medina.  She has a fun energy and loves a challenge, even when it may get her knocked around.

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